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An individual investment service 

We build our Greenbank service around what is important to you. No two people or organisations have values or goals that are the same, which is why our clients have individual portfolios created and managed for them by a dedicated investment manager.

We do not have relationship managers or account teams. You have a direct relationship with the person who manages your money for you.

Your investment manager will take the time to understand what you want to achieve and how you want your money to be invested to create an ethical investment strategy that is individual to you.

As your investment manager is responsible for everything to do with your portfolio, you can be certain your values are reflected at every step.

Tailored bespoke discretionary portfolios 

We manage bespoke discretionary investment portfolios with positive impact for a range of private clients, trustees, and professional advisers with investment amounts of £300,000 and above. With £1.9 billion* of funds under management, our Greenbank investment managers service the needs of a variety of clients from private investors looking to build up important funds for retirement to large institutions investing corporate reserves for long term growth.  We empower investors to use their money as a force for good, without compromising on long-term financial objectives.

 Each portfolio is carefully constructed to meet a wide range of mandates tailored both for: 

  • individual ethical and sustainability criteria 
  • a wide range of financial objectives and risk profiles  

Our Greenbank ethical questionnaire allows you to detail your personal choice of positive alignment across a wide range of sustainable thematic areas as well as articulate your level of concern over a spectrum of avoidance criteria.  Combining our strong financial expertise with excellence in ethical, sustainable and impact investing, we aim to deliver portfolios with long term value for clients, whilst together championing the transition to a healthier planet and a more equitable society. 

Greenbank Unitised Portfolio (GUP) 

GUP is available under our discretionary service and invests in the Rathbone Greenbank Portfolio range of funds, which integrates Greenbank’s proven expertise in ethical, sustainable and impact (ESI) investment with Rathbone Unit Trust Management’s strong track record in fund management. A dedicated investment manager will be appointed to be responsible for keeping you up to date with your investment portfolio and ensuring that your investments remain suitable for your individual needs.

This offers a cost-effective investment approach, for clients with £150,000 and above to invest. 

Download the Greenbank Unitised Portfolio brochure

Greenbank Select Portfolio (GSP) 

GSP offers an investment strategy to meet your investment objectives and risk profile, without advice from an investment manager or an independent financial advisor (IFA).It offers direct access to expert sustainable investing for clients with more modest amounts to invest and simpler needs than would justify a bespoke discretionary service. It provides access to the Rathbone Greenbank Portfolio Range of funds directly, on an ‘execution-only' basis. 

This offers a ‘no-frills’ cost-competitive investment solution for clients with £15,000 and above to invest. 

Download the Greenbank Select Portfolio brochure

International services 

For some clients it may be appropriate to hold investments outside the UK. Rathbone Greenbank Investments can act as delegated investment manager for portfolios held overseas and we can offer this service through Rathbone Investment Management International based in Jersey.

Regular communication 

We believe that effective communication is important, so we provide information that is detailed, clear and transparent across all our service levels and strategies. We will provide you with regular updates on the performance of your investments. You can decide how often you receive statements and other information from your investment manager. You can also go online link to see how your money is doing. You will have access to our investment and ethical review publications, whilst you will also receive invitations to our investor events. 

If you are interested in becoming a client then please fill out the form on the contact us page

*Total Greenbank FUM (included in the Investment Management figure)  as  at 30 September 2022