How we invest

Over the last 20 years, the Greenbank team has developed a robust investment process. It ensures that any investment within a Greenbank portfolio meets certain thresholds of ESG and sustainability criteria alongside attractive financial attributes.

Our research team, a dedicated in-house resource, constantly monitors the business and ESG performance of companies, helping us determine who is leading the way. We’ll meet with business leaders, to be sure they are true to their word. We’ll ask the difficult questions. And we’ll invest based on a deeper understanding. 

It’s not just about excluding companies. Our research keeps us at the forefront of evolving ethical, social and environmental issues, so our investments are a positive choice to support companies whose products and services deliver positive change in the world. 

Our trailblazing role of actively engaging with companies and institutions to positively influence their actions is something we’re proud of, and is driven by the belief that the investor voice is a powerful means to influence and direct the ways in which companies are run. This active approach to our share ownership of companies is part of the Greenbank service and a vital expression of our role as stewards of our clients’ assets to advocate for lasting change with the companies in which we invest.

And as we work, we share the knowledge we gather with clients, through regular reporting and communication. We describe in detail the companies we’re including in our portfolios, and most importantly, why.

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