Investment selection

We are long-term, active investors. While mindful of short-term factors that inevitably influence our tactical thinking, our primary focus is on assessing the trends and themes shaping the future of our planet and the global economy.

Fundamental to our approach is our belief that those companies providing positive solutions for a changing world, while also demonstrating strong social and environmental management and good corporate governance, are likely to be sound long-term investments.

Greenbank’s investments are required to meet a minimum sustainability threshold, which is linked to our framework of eight sustainable development themes. They are also selected (or excluded) based on a client’s financial objectives and ethical and sustainability preferences.

Our in-house ethical, sustainable and impact research team maintains a proprietary database covering over 1,000 global companies. It helps them assess not only what these companies do, but also how they operate. 

However our focus on sustainability extends well beyond the research team. Our investment teams are expert in seeing investment opportunities through the lens of sustainable development. We consider how the themes shaping the world are impacted by, and impact on, the investments we make.

Alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

There are eight sustainable development themes that guide how we invest and engage at Greenbank. We’ve defined our own long-term environmental and social goals for each of these themes. Our investments or engagement cannot solve these alone, but they are an important anchor in guiding our work.