Ethical Investment

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Fundamental to our approach is our belief that companies demonstrating strong social and environmental management and good corporate governance are likely to be good long term investments. 

We seek out those companies that provide products and services that meet the needs of a changing world and aspire to do more than just comply with regulation. 

Your decision to invest ethically does not mean you have to choose between achieving your financial objectives and staying true to your values.  You can do both.  

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Supporting studies

While many investors welcome the opportunity to invest ethically, they still expect good financial performance – and the evidence here is encouraging. Many years of practical experience and a number of studies1 have now shown that investing ethically need not result in underperformance. Indeed, a well-managed and balanced portfolio can outperform its ‘conventional’ peers over the longer term.

We should also consider that financial performance might not be the only way to measure the success of an ethical or SRI investment strategy. Social and environmental impacts are an increasingly important part of the equation for many enlightened investors.

Rathbone Greenbank Engagement review 2022-23