About us

Greenbank was established in 2004 as Rathbone Greenbank Investments, to be the ethical investment arm of Rathbones Group. At the time, it was one of the UK’s first tailored ethical portfolio services. 

Our legacy of investing responsibly has served us well. This long-term commitment is especially important given how the ethical and sustainable investment landscape has evolved since. And as more people have sought investment options that align with their own values, our client numbers have grown too.  

Since 2004, we have remained committed to generating long-term value for our clients. Through investing, we have helped promote the change our clients want to see in the world, empowering them to use their money as a force for good. 

Today, Greenbank is established as a widely trusted expert team of investment managers, research and engagement specialists, and client service professionals that care deeply about environmental, social and ethical issues.